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Medicine Walk with Cree Teacher

Calvin Laliberte Mistahiya Retreat Centre Dates: June 22 or 23 Dates: July 6 or 7 Medicine Talk: 9:30am Medicine Walk: 10am-11:30am Noon: lunch Private healing sessions: 1p.m. Start (20-30minutes each) Afternoon optional activities: Walk to Bird tower along the river or just relax on the lawn with a cuppa; enjoy the medicine and angel cards. Maybe visit or drum.
Mack Brown - Explore Jasper
Medicine walk: 45$ Private session: 65$ Or full day for 95$ Lunch included Bio: Hi my Cree name is Kamewkwaniaso/ beautifully soaring black eagle. European Name is Calvin Laliberte i do indigenous healing which entails healing the body and spirit. i used sage smudge and my healing hands. i also look into a persons heart which is where the spirit lives and the spirit shows me symbols or gives me messages as to what is going on in your heart. my culture believes in protocol and our protocol is tobacco which is used as a offering for when i pick medicinal herbs or when i offer it to the spirits at the sweat. 1 yard of cloth is also protocol. it can be any color whichever color comes to mind of the person who wants healing, but no black cloth. also a offering is apperciated as this job i do entails traveling to heal people and also travelling to pick herbal medicines. most people find monetary donations a lot easier and it is also easier for me and may travelling but any gift is appreciated. it is up to the person offering as to what they want to offer. kininaskomitin thank you. Please preregister by June 18th by email to: Kathie Brown mistahiya@gmail.com Calvin creeteacher001@hotmail.ca or text 780-842-8322.

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