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History of Mistahiya

In 1754, a Cree Indian guide, Atickasish, led his band and Anthony Henday into the Battle River valley. The Battle River was known as the CHACUTENAH.

To quote Henday, “The river was full of large stones and weeds; small Hazel, Birch and Poplar trees grow on the sides of it. Here and there on the slopes Buffalo fed in little groups. High above the great basin of the valley, hawks and eagles soared on the air currents. The valley is magnificent and there is plenty for the Cree to eat.”

However, one warm fall day as the men were hunting in what is now known as Grizzly Bear Coulee, two hunters were attacked by a wounded Grizzly Bear. One died.

The Grizzly Bear Creek flows into the “Chacutenah” River just east of the ski area. The Cree word for Grizzly Bear is MISTAHIYA.

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East Central Alberta, Canada
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10 km east of Riverdale Mini Park (Hwy 41). End of road.


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